Wednesday, June 3, 2015

GMT: Musket and Pike, Mergenthium 1645

Setup: The Bavarians (lower army blue/grey counters) with attack orders prepare assault the German and Italians fighting for the French.

Turn 1: Mercy orders a General Advance of his Bavarians. His right wing cavalry warily watch the Saxe-Weimer cavalry under Rosen on the French left wing and decide to hold back and protect Ruischenberg's Center Infantry's Right Flank.
Frantic messages to the French CinC hope to have him bring reinforcements before the defenders are swept away.

Turn 2a: Ruischenberg orders his 1st line to engage using "Fire by Introduction" (Advancing Fire Rule 10.3.2). Hoping that the fire will scare off the poorly motivated (morale 6) German, Italian and French infantry in the tree line. The Marquis du Passage's inspiring speech has an effect as the line holds and lets loose a volley of withering fire staggering the Bavarian. Stunned by the repulse Ruischenberg orders a halt to evaluate the situation. 

Turn 2b: At the conclusion of all the wings with attack orders activation (the entire Bavarian Army)
The Bavarian Left Wing, Changing the order to "Make Ready" holding as a reserve should things go poorly in the center. (I forgot to change the order counter before taking the pictures).
The Bavarian Right Wing. Cognizant of the threat that the Saxe-Weimer Cavalry pose to the flanks of the infantry hold themselves in readiness for the inevitable charge. Throwing some dragoons out to the far right to protect the flank. 

Turn 2c: Rosen changes to charge and advances his front line. Gayling and Cosalkni take the charge at the stand in hopes of inflicting damage on the incoming chargers with their Wheelocks.

Austrian Wheel-lock pistols. 

The pre-melee charge Betz looses some strength from accurate pistol fire. Rosen moves his second line up to exploit any gaps that form, preempting this Gayling has kept his main force back to absorb the initial charge.

Post Melee; Ohm drives headlong into Cosalkhi's Arquebusiers and drives them from the field breaking off the pursuit immediately. Betz's Cuirassiers are held by Gayling's Regiment and fall back in disorder, Gayling's  cavalry hold and do not pursue.  A continuation attempt by Rosen fails and the battle moves to the French center. 

Turn 2d: The French Center opens fire. The Bavarian center-right take sufficient damage to force them into morale shaken but hold their positions. Du-Passage is killed in the ensuing firefight and his wing falls into confusion as a replacement is found. Unfortunately for the French this could not have come at a worse time. A successful continuation here would probably have seen off the Bavarian front line but alas the fickle hand of fate (a roll of 9) has robbed them of the opportunity. The line glances nervously back to see if Turenne and his reinforcements are near but are disappointed. (only just, needed a 0 rolled a 1, there is dust on the horizon.)

Turn 2: (End Phase)  Betz's mauled Cavalry rout to the rear effectively removing them from the fight with no Army Commander to rally them. An un-named Colonel from Truchess Regiment takes over the command of the French Infantry as Du-Passage's remains are retired to the rear. 

Turn 3a: Gayling's Cuirassier regiment charge home on Ohm's Regiment before they get a chance to fall back and reform destroying them utterly and then breaking off the pursuit. Gayling extends his line to the right and moves his second line into a support position. Hoping to hold Rosen and allow the infantry to break the French in the woods he holds there.  

Turn 3b: Rosen orders a general advance and his front line charge home. Smashing a hole in Gayling's fromt rank. and breaking Winterscheidt's Infantry Regiment. Rosen desperately tries to call for a reform but to no avail leaving a substantial hole in his line.

The Current tally of Carnage, Dead to the left and Pursuers to the right. 

Turn 3 end: The Bavarian Infantry force the French out of the woods flanking the road but it has cost them heavily. Their front line is badly damaged. Things look grim for the French as once again their reinforcements refuse to show. The one ray of hope is that they have given the Bavarian's such a mauling that right now the VP's stand at -5 points to the French, actually a marginal victory! (Please note that Mercy's Regiment is actually destroyed so should have been removed)

Turn 4a: Gayling orders his cavalry into a general counter attack and although depleted they badly maul Rosen's cavalry forcing Rosen to signal Rally. The flank threat of the Saxe-Weimer cavalry is, for the moment, alleviated.  

Turn 4b to 5: The Bitter End! Ruischenberg inspires his men for one final push and into melee. The French get the better of the melee and rout the front line but at the expense of their formations. De-Werth sees the opportunity for a coup de grace and charges the French cavalry on his left wing. With the French reinforcements not showing the only hope is for Rosen on the right to change orders out of Rally, which he fails. The French happily give up the field knowing how badly they have hurt the Bavarian army. 

Final Tally: 51 VP French, 45 Bavarian VP. The French hold the Bavarians to a Draw.  

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