Tuesday, June 2, 2015

GMT: Flying Colors, The Battle of Mount Athos

This scenario is from the most recent expansion "Blue Cross White Ensign"

Set-up; the Russian Navy (Top left) approaching the Turks (Bottom Right). Very similar to Nelson's approach at Trafalgar, interestingly the Turks and Russian both use small vessels as "Line of Battle" vessels. 
Adm. Seniavin

Turn 1; Adm. Seniavin's squadron closes using the advantage of wind gauge. Adm. Sheremet's leading vessels attempt some closing long range shots with no effect.

Turn 2: Seydi-Ali slows his forward progress as he see the line being cut to his rear. Rafail engages Sheremet's flagship with her Edinerogs (Unicorns) causing damage and setting Anka-yi Bahri aflame. One of the Unicorns explodes on Rafail's deck spreading fire. Sheremet orders Anka to hold fire until she crosses the bow of Rafail and successfully rakes her unfortunately causing very little damage.

Turn 3; Hot action ensues, Anka-yi is raked and severely damaged by Rafail. Sil-nyi breaks the line and reduces Sayyad to a near hulk with fires raging but Sayyad's crew rally and smother the fires she will not be striking this turn. Rafail and  Sil-nyi receive hot fire from the Turkish second line but damage is light then DISASTER the fire on Rafail reach the magazine and BOOOMB! She is reduced to matchwood and canvas. From now the Russians will be forced to take a break test but with +2 Audacity it's okay.

Turn 4: The Bitter End! Anka Yi is finally reduced to 0 hull points strikes but refuses to sink. Sheremet desperately orders a boat lowered to transfer command but none are available. Sayyad also almost destroyed refuses to sink or strike. Sil nyi is badly damaged but still operational. With his line broken and the second squadron heavily engaged, Seydi Ali exercises standing discretionary orders and Signals for disengagement.
Russian Victory!
VP Totals
Turks 10vp Russians 13vp a close run thing.

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