Tuesday, July 14, 2015

GMT's Wing Leader V03 "Stalingrad Airlift"

Anyone who has played CY6 with me will know that the Eastern Front is a particular area of interest to me. So of course V03 is going to draw me in.

Coming in under the dense cloud layer 2 Flights of He111 escorted by a flight of 109F-4s are about to be intercepted by 2 squadrons of Yak 1. 

The Protagonists:

1) The Yakovlev Yak-1 slightly slower than the Bf. 109F-4 but with a similar gun package.

2) The Messerschmidt Bf. 109-F4 could out-climb the Yak 1 and had better high altitude performance.

The Wing Display at Start: The Soviet interceptors are numerous but the Luftwaffe escorts have experience and skill. The bomb load markers on the He 111 flights represent transport loads (either supplies coming into or wounded going out of Stalingrad) 

A Russian Front CY6 Game using Raiden Miniatures. Me 109F-4 Vs MiG-3 and Yak-1. Played at Wolverine Con 2015.

Reference Materials: Anyone who is looking for a great read ( although a little dry at times) for information on this period of Luftwaffe history should check out.

Okay so now it's time to read what GCI does and how vectoring works. 

B-Squadron is Vectored to climb into the clouds and use a diving attack on the Bombers. A-Squadron is Vectored to close on the escorts and engage them in an attempt to cover A-Squadrons attack on the bombers. As yet no one has tallied an enemy so no combat occurs.

Yaks in formation, these are early model Yak-9 (Bubble canopy and air intake under the nose)


He-111 being loaded with transport canisters. (Notice the parachute on the end of the crate)

Lee, I know you have checked out this blog. If you see any major boo-boos please leave a comment. I am still absorbing the complexities on the system ..... oh and drooling over the possibility of a game that has Typhoons and Mosquitoes doing what they do best. 

Tally Phase: Despite being in the clouds (mainly because of being on the same Radio Network as GCI) B Squadron Tallies the rear He 111 Flight. The Escorts and A-Squadron tally one another and O-Flight changes tasking to Sweep. The Russian Commander signals большая карета (Tally-Ho) and the engagement is on. 

Combat Phase: The Raid player starts with the Escort fight. The Escorts are the attackers being the last to move because of their speed advantage. The 109s score 2 hits and the Yaks 1. The Diving Yaks tear into Y-Flight with 4 hits taking none in return. 

The Results: A-Flight (Yaks) lose one shot down and one damaged. A terrible result on the cohesion table (3) and they are broken, their day is over but at least they flushed off the escorts. The 109s loose one aircraft but being a flight even the one cohesion hit breaks them, the bombers are now on their own. B-Flight (Yaks) resolves 4 hits, down one and damage a second bomber. Maintaining formation and a little low on ammo they turn on the now vulnerable bombers. I considered going after the fighters but the wonderful quote for  "The Battle of Britain" movie rung home.
"Forget the fighters it's the bloody bombers we want" .... in Russian!

"Help yourself everybody there's no fighter escort"

Okay so now I have to go watch this movie again!

Move Phase: B-Squadron moves to attack the rear of the He-111 formation as A-Squadron RTB. 

Combat Results: One damaged bomber is shot down and one other is damaged. B-Squadrons formation is starting to break up as the fight continues and they are getting very low on ammo. The other 2 fighter squadrons broken markers are now on the map as a reminder to me of their status. 


Move Phase: Preparing for the final attack B-Squadron climbs.

Final Combat Phase: The Yaks us a diving hit and run attack and finish off the straggler for no damage. The Y-Flight is disrupted and B-Squadron is broken up. 

The Reckoning: 
The Luftwaffe scored 1VP for the Yak kill, 3VP for an undamaged transport exited and 2VP for the disrupted flight exited. Total=6VP
The VVS Scored 7VP for 1 Fighter and 3 Bomber Kills. 

Conclusion: -1 VP total a Soviet Victory. 

Maybe someone will be made "Hero of the Soviet Union"

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