Saturday, December 31, 2016

GMT's Wing Leader Victories V05 "Haway Lads!"

With the arrival of my new "Wing Leader Supremacy" Box. I have decided to play a few scenarios from the previous iteration "Victories" to reacquaint myself with the system.

The components are from "Victories" but the Board is the swanky new mounted board from "Supremacy"
First Up V05 "Haway Lads!" an scenario depicting the RAF response to Luftflotte 5 attacks on the North.

3 Squadrons of He111H-1 in formation escorted by Me110C-4 In close and high escort positions.
Spitfires from 13 Group Climbing to intercept, Vector markers showing the need to climb to intercept height. 

End of Turn 2. As the Spitfires climb to patrol height a Squadron of Hurricanes approach the Bombers and prepare to attack.

Turn 4. The Spitfires are in Patrol position but have failed to tally the High Escort. The Hurricanes close on the bombers and, as yet have not been spotted by the Raid.

Turn 5. the Spitfires slash through the first Bomber Squadron downing a bomber for no loss. The Bomber formation is dispersed but still functional.

Turn 6: The Hurricanes dive on the trailing bombers and are pursued by the Me110 Close escorts. A their attack is broken up an no one suffers any losses.

Turn 7: Spitfires dive for a second attack on the lead bombers downing one. The Hurricanes continue attacking the tail bomber squadron also downing one but losing one to the Me110 Escorts. The Hurricanes are out of ammo and scattered so they RTB. 

Turn 9: Spitfire F Squadron continues to harass the lead bombers and down another one. The High Escort manages to engage Spitfire A squadron with a surprise attack and down one for no loss. The Lead Bombers formation is broken (but stays with the raid). Out of ammo and scattered Spitfire F heads home.

Turn 11: The Spitfires and 110's engage in a running fight to the bomber formation and both are dispersed. 
Finally Tally is 4 Bomber Losses and one broken squadron. 2 lost British fighters one damaged German fighter. 
VP Differential of +6VP a British Victory.