Sunday, January 15, 2017

GMT's Wing Leader Victories V06 "Let's Go Surround Them!"

152, 87 and 213 Squadrons engage a swarm of Ju-87 Stukas protected by a larger escort force.

Axis Set-up: The Stuka formation is in close formation with the Me 110's. Above them on Sweep are three squadrons of 109's (note the ammo counter on the 109 display, due to low fuel status of the fighters)

V06 Setup Axis

Turn 1: Spitfire F (Tailing the formation) Tallies the rear Stuka squadron and is itself tallied by one of the watchful close escort 110 squadrons who climbs to attack. All other squadrons fail to get a tally mainly because the High Escort 109's are on a different radio network. The ensuing combat is ineffective for both sides, other than the cost of ammo, and the British successfully refuse a dogfight.

End of Turn 1.

Turn 2: No new tallies (the high escort seems oblivious to the fight below). Spitfire-Engages the Tail Stuka hotly pursued by 110-L the attack scatters the Spitfires for no loss.

End of Turn 2.

Turn 3: Hurricane-I Tallies the rear Stukas, unfortunately for the bomber formation the separate radio networks of the escorts has allowed all the British fighters to sneak in without being detected by the high sweep. Spitfire-F dives for home pursued closely by 110-L the scattered fight scores no hits.

End of Turn 3.

Turn 4: 110-C finally sees the approaching Hurricane-I and tallies them. Hurricane-G tallies the mid bombers and sets up for an attack run as the 110's climb to attack the rear Hurricanes damaging one and breaking up the attack run. 110-L scores 2 kills on the Spitfires but finally runs out of ammo and heads home.

End of Turn 4.

Turn 5: 110-C drops the tally on the broken Hurricanes and tallies the incoming Hurricanes. 109-G and I finally spot Hurricane-G and dive into the fight. Hurricane-G dives onto the Stukas dropping one on the way through the formation for no loss. At this point deciding this maybe a lost cause facing 3 undamaged squadrons of Germans they head for home.

Final Tally: +19VP to Germans a significant defeat for the RAF.

End of Turn 5.

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