Friday, February 24, 2017

GMT Musket and Pike, White Mountain 1620

Setup, Bohemian Protestant Forces, supported by the Transylvanian cavalry.
Setup, Imperial and Catholic League forces.

Turn 1: Liechtenstien is ordered to advance on the Bohemian Left. After an initial ineffective artillery bombardment he cautiously does so but fails to make contact. The Protestant Command send orders to the Transylvanians who mercifully respond and become active (there was a 40% chance they would just go home).

Turn 2.1: Despite laying down some brutal fire (7 Hits on the lead Imperials) Thurn's Front line is thoroughly routed. The feeling is that they have done sufficient damage to  Liechtenstein's troops that the 2nd Line should hold and give the Transylvanians enough time to sweep the Left Flank.

Turn 2 Complete: The Transylvanians move to the Left Flank as  Liechtenstein's 2nd Line Cavalry reform ready of the oncoming attack. The Imperial forces move their 2nd Lines up but are slowed by having to reform the brigades who are disrupted by the bad terrain.

Turn 3a: Liechtenstein leads his troops in the assault on Thurn. and is bloodily repulsed with only a small victory on his left as the Imperial Curassiers  chase some of the Protestant cavalry off the field. Liechtenstein re-positions himself with what is left of his cavalry.

Turn 3 End of Maneuvers: The Transilvanians have successfully massed on the Bohemian Left. Imperial forces slowly advance on the Bohemian line hampered by slow slog uphill. Tiefenbach is bringing his 2nd Echelon troops up to attack the Left Flank while Tilly reforms his lines on the right after struggling though bad terrain.

Turn 5 Start: Despite the opportune moment and desperate state the Transilvanians refused to charge on the Bohemian left. Thurn's command is near destroyed by the attacks from the Imperial 2nd Echelon who now form a defensive cordon, wary of the Transilvanians. Tilly on the Imperial right has stalled due to the terrain (maybe he should have deployed in open order).

Turn 5 "The Bitter End": Spinelli's veteran Italians commanded personally by Tiefenbach close to assault the last remnants of Thurn's command. After a bloody repulse and the loss of Tiefenbach the Italians are chased from the field by Thurn's feisty cavalry. Inspired by this the Transivanians finally accept the order to charge and swarm the Imperial right flank routing the cavalry. With the flank crumbling and his troops still mired in the terrain Maximillian halts the attack and retreats from the mountain. A costly but significant victory for the Bohemians.

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