Monday, April 10, 2017

Phil Eklund's Neanderthal

Neanderthal Set-up: This is the setup for a one species solo variant. Archaic Vocal Man will be attempting to become tribal with one invention and one domesticated species.
Changes to main game, 8 Hunters and 8 Events.

Turn 1: The ice sheet extends south and with it comes some Tyrant Sea Bear. 4 Hunters start mining for flint and the Fire Starter elder matures. The Auroch hunt fails with the loss of a hunter for no result.The family group is diminished.

Turn 2: A Daughter joins the family (Basket Weaver). The Hunters head north to hunt snow hare and are successful (Rolling at least a single one or two) allowing the family to expand by one hunter. Being small game the success does not attract the attention of the Cave Lion.
Flint mining also succeeds (rolling a single one or two) as a result a daughter matures and is now eligible to marry and develop culture. With the addition of the new daughter the family language develops words for technology. (2 out of 5 portals achieved toward tribal).

Turn 3: Fashion Woman joins the family but remains immature due to the upcoming failed hunts. Both Hunts, Flint Mine and Aurochs failed with the loss of a hunter (rolled a 6) but Basket Weaving daughter continues to teach the family words (3 out of 5 to tribal).

Turn 4: We lose our fire starter and a blizzard takes the Basket Weaver. Singing Woman joins the family and matures as a result of the upcoming hunt. Flint collection is successful and the Flint Knapper learns his trade (Produces a mature Alpha). No honey is found but the Snow hare trappers return with food, the family expands (+1 Hunter). Fashion Woman teaches some ritual language (4 out of 5 Portals to tribal).

Turn 5: Fashion Woman's suitor is killed by the family for unwelcome advances. Both hunting parties are unsuccessful and the Aurochs kill another hunter. The final portal is is placed and the family has sufficient language to become a tribe. The tribe has 3 more turns to domesticate an animal and develop ans invention.

Turn 6: The Ice sheet starts to extend from the North. A blizzard descends but all elders and daughters are supported by hunters. Once again the hunting group decide to go after wild Aurochs, Even with 1 auto success from the Alpha (Cylinder) the hunt still fails for the lose of another hunter.

Turn 7: A Wurm Glacial event adds an extra turn (Phew!) The Knapper dies so we lose the Alpha. A Hunter is promoted to Knapper and the party heads off to the flint mine. The Mining expedition is successful maturing the Knapper but with only two dice reading the same we cannot take the invention.

Turn 8: Another Wurm Glacial event (+1 Turn), but the ice sheet extends once again. The North is rapidly disappearing under the ice. This event pushes Scimitar Cats south. A Blizzard kills the Singing Woman leaving us with only one daughter. The hunting party and Alpha head out to hunt European Ass and the hunt succeeds. The tribe expands by 4. The Sea Bear tries to take the meat but is chased off.

Turn 9: Another Wurm Glacial Event. The Alpha and one other head north to trap Snow Hare. The Flint mining is a success with a triple so the invention is taken into hand. By the end of the turn the Knapper has developed Hand Axe Darts from the flint mine card. Just need to domesticate an animal for full victory.

Turn 10: The ice sheet extends south again. A hunter is promoted to Shaman (in the hopes of domesticating a captured animal). The Hunters head back to the land of the Auroch. This time we lose no one but are unsuccessful (just 3 threes rather than 4).

Turn 11: Hunters head off to hunt Red Deer and Snow Hare. The Deer hunt is successful maturing the Shaman but the other hunting party fails to capture sufficient hare to domesticate. Archaic Man  ends the game Tribal with an Invention but are unable to domesticate any animals so fail the chosen victory conditions.

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