Saturday, April 1, 2017

What makes a game fun solo?

So, time for some ramblings. Playing more games solo than FtF recently has prompted me to ask myself what do I actually look for in a game that is solo worthy. As I play games I will post a little ditty here, at the end of each game, as to why this game attracts me as a solo player.

Saints in Armor, White Mountain completed. Did I enjoy the experience of beating myself? Well yes, I learned a few things about the system (open order). But more importantly it generated a narrative that engaged me. The game is an abstraction of combat and a little complex in the three unit states it keeps track of but that adds to a deeper experience. For example; veteran units that are suffering increasing formation deterioration and moral loss but as yet have not taken significant casualties. Therefore why do I enjoy this series for solo play? Basically the story, the image of desperately outclassed militia heroically standing up to trained veterans and winning. Fickle dice maybe but a story none the less.

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